Feasting on Art Recipe Contest

Here is a really cool recipe contest we entered. This is from a cooking blog (http://www.feastingonart.com/2010/02/feasting-on-art-recipe-contest.html) that blends art enthusiasm with cooking. Each month, the author chooses a painting and you enter a recipe that uses the ingredients of the painting.

This month it is Renoir’s  Strawberries:

Tabby put together an incredible lemon brownie cheesecake with strawberries. It is divine and quite simple. Renoir would be proud (and put on a few pounds!)

Lemon Brownie cheesecake



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  1. Posted by April on March 30, 2010 at 12:18 am

    This is such a cool idea for a recipe contest. And the recipe you came up with sounds really good.


  2. […] I found it very interesting to see the similarities and differences between all of the recipes. Lemon cake was a popular entry with a wide variety of strawberry toppings. Bria from The Salty Spoon made a delicious ruby red Strawberry Zinfandel Compote that looked so beautiful against the yellow cake. Ginny from Just Get Floury made a tasty looking number with a lovely lemon glaze. Julie from Living La Vida Low GI made a healthy cake with almond meal and agave cream, two ingredients I really enjoy cooking with. The lovely Shaz from Test with Skewer topped her lemon shortbread with a beautiful strawberry flower – a recipe that I will be definitely trying out very soon! The Australian dessert Lemon Delicious is paired with cream and strawberry puree in an especially decadent photograph by Barbara of Winos and Foodies and if your sweet tooth is beginning to ache from all of the sweets then Jen from the Chaotic Chef will tip you over the edge with her especially indulgent Strawberry Lemon Many-Layer Pie in which she combines all of her pie recipes together (complete with a diagram!). Rounding out the dessert listing with is a bit of chocolate in the form of a brownie by Angie of the Cooking for College Blog. […]


  3. Lemon cheesecake and strawberries? Can’t go wrong. Looks delicious.


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